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IRLP*Me is designed to work with the Internet Radio Linking Project, a system for linking amateur radio repeater over very long distances. See for more information. 

IRLP*Me includes the full database of every IRLP node. You can search it using node number, call sign or city. It can also use GPS to automatically discover your location and provide information on the closest node. Internet access is not required for most features. 

Information provided includes frequencies, tones, distance, node website if available, and coordinates. 

Feature Summary: 
* Complete database of all IRLP nodes 
* Location-assisted search shows the closest nodes to your location 
* Built-in function to look up node call signs ** 
* Built-in map function graphically shows your location relative to the node ** 
* Each node may hold custom notes such as access codes 
* Search for nodes by location, call sign or node number
* Switch units between KM and miles
* iPad native support
* Update the IRLP database right from the app**
* Designed & tested to be Voiceover friendly
* Check the live status of a node **

** Internet access required

Screen Shots:


Usage Notes:

IRLP*Me displays your distance from the nearest node by querying the device for your current location to within 3 KM accuracy (the maximum accuracy is a few meters). This approach helps you find the nearest nodes very quickly and minimizes battery use, but may impact the accuracy of the distance displayed. In testing with the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 3G, this is a variance of 1-2KM.