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An easy to use editor allows you to view and edit programmed systems.


Set almost every option for your scanner.

Not feeling in the mood for DIY scanner programming? With the RadioRefernce Web Service, FreeSCAN downloads all relevant information for you, enters in all parameters and spares you from spending hours learning the complexities of how radio systems operater, and it does it all in just a few clicks. In this example, Toronto Public Safety, which has hundreds of channels and dozens of frequencies, is loaded into FreeSCAN simply by choosing the area, system, and clicking on "Import".

Today's advanced scanners can be connected to GPS for Location-based scanning, which is when the scanners selects what to scan based on the area you happen to be in. FreeSCAN provides sophisticated, yet easy to use mapping support.

You can also remote control your scanner using FreeSCAN, allowing you to operate it with the click of the mouse:

Advanced logging details a channel-by-channel exportable record of all transmission. You can play back recorded audio, search, and view statistics on the most/least used channels.

FreeSCAN is loaded with great features for scanning. Plus, it's FREE!!!!