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Release Notes

-New: You can change the size of the system tree
-Fix: Should be improved compatibility with VC and 996P2
-Fix: Recorded mp3 file name template setup no longer case sensitive
-Change: Make more than one group for LTR systems

-Improved precision of radius drawn for GPS circle
-Fixed bug with virtual control and BC346XTC
-Fixed bug with US flag pointing at next country in list
-Fixed: Log file recorded file names appearing on last line
-New: The system tree on the left hand side now preserves the expansion state, so when you make a change
all of your previously expanded systems don't collapse in
-The GPS system summary screen now plots out systems in both miles or kilometers, as the same
range number is used for both in the scanner but the unit can altered.
-Additional improvements to GPS system summary screen
-on download, erase all in freescan should never be checked by default
-Added 996P2 & 325 support
-Fixed: NOAA Same code web link

Version 2.14
-Fixes a bug that would cause an error to pop up when downloading certain very large trunk systems from RadioReference.

Version 2.13
-Fixes a bug that would cause recording to abruptly stop with certain unique sound card configuration

FreeSCAN 2.12 Available

-New: RR Conventional import deals better with huge systems that have long names. Now a number is always appended to the end of the system's name, before it was only so if there was enough room left over at the end of the name.
-New: Speech synthesizer reads out IDs in virtual control (Experimental)
-New: User band plans for custom searches are now preserved when downloaded from/uploaded to your XT scanner
-Fix: dms/dec conversions would be slightly off in some cases
-Fix: Issue with auto sorting
-Fixes issue with an error popping up on startup if you have changed your sound card configuration
-Fix: an issue with custom generated file names for recorded files not working on certain fields such as RSSI
-Fix: Sometimes conventional systems with more than 20 groups per system would import from
RR with only 19 groups in a system before a second system is created
-Fix: On 396XT, automatic system replacing during upload would not always behave as expected
-Fix: Unusual logging behaviour in trunk search, CTCSS search and iCall modes
-Fix: Audio files with a colon in the TGID not being saved
-Fix: FMN modulation now properly recognized by EZ-Grab
-Other bug fixes and improvements

Please note this new version uses the .Net 4.0 framework. You will need to download this prior to installing if you don't already have it.

FreeSCAN 2.11 Available

It's been a while since the last version came out, but having found some free lately, 2.11 is available with several improvements.

-New:Audio Recording has been reworked. It should now operate more reliably across different systems. Note: You may have to reset your audio recording settings after installing this version.
-New:Redesigned GPS System Plotter. You can now view multiple systems at once, among other improvements.
-New:You can now resize the columns in the "Review" part of the log viewer
-New:Right-click on the log viewer to see a file in Windows Explorer
-Fixes an issue with the U.S. flag in RR Import directing to the next country instead of the US
-Fixes an issue with importing NAC codes from RR
-Added a warning about trying to import unscannable (by supported scanners) P25 Phase 2 Systems
-Other bug fixes and improvements

FreeSCAN 2.10 Available

What's New
-Upgraded the RadioReference Web Service interface used by FreeSCAN
-This newer version corrects some issues with inheriting location information
-It also adds "Nationwide" frequencies that can now be imported
-To import these, select File * Import From RadioReference Conventional, and select "Nationwide" under the Province/State dropdown
-The RR CD import support has been removed for this version. The CD is now rare, way out of date, and internet access is becoming more abundant these days.
-Other minor bug fixes and improvements

Whats New 2.08
-Added count down timer to Virtual Control when using Negative Delay
-This tells how many seconds are left before FreeSCAN forces the scanner
to resume scanning.
-Fixed issue with downloading from USC-230

FreeSCAN 2.06 Available

Whats New?
-New: GPS System plotter. Draws all of your systems/sites & ranges on one Google map. (See under Tools * GPS System Plotter)
-New: Logging has enhanced playback controls.
-New: On RR Web Import, you can now enable the Use GPS flag to be on by default on all imported systems
-Improved: GPS input has been redone. You know enter the coordinates in decimal format vs the old hour/minute/second/direction system.
-This makes it easier to import and export coordinates, and much easier to copy and paste as well.
-Improved: RR Conventional import will now copy coordinates from the main system to individual groups if none are available on import.
-This helps improve GPS support on XT scanners.
-Fix: Find bugs
-Fix: Some county agencies may not always download coordinate information
-Other bug fixes and improvements.

-The COM Port setup dialog has been modified to be easier to find. There are now 5 ways to get into it.
-For downloading, the queue system list clears itself on every appearance. This is to avoid confusion when system indexes change and
people forget the re-queue the list, preventing those systems from being downloaded.
-Fixes an issue with the odd county on RR conventional importing not appearing.
-Added support to set the default state on the BCT15(X).
-Other bug fixes and improvements.