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FreeSCAN for iOS

This app is designed to allow you to control your scanner using your iOS device over a Wifi or 3G connection and listen to the audio. This is very different from any other scanner apps that only allow you to listen but not control.

A step-by-step setup guide, covering setting up FreeSCAN in Windows and the iOS app is available HERE.

  • Remote screen viewing and control
  • Listen to remote audio
  • Built-in database utility allows you to connect with multiple different types of configurations

  • PC running Windows XP or higher
  • FreeSCAN version 2.17 or higher
  • A compatible scanner such as a Uniden DMA scanner, connected to the PC over serial port
  • A network connection between the PC and iOS dece. This can be in the form of a local wifi network or over the Internet. If using the Internet, you may need to reconfigure your router to allow incoming connections to the PC.
  • For streaming audio, you will need to connect an audio cable between the scanner and the PC, and then have audio streaming software such as ScannerCast running (can be downloaded from the ScannerCast website, with a guided tutorial here).
To download, visit the Apple App Store